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Low to Medium Gain Overdrive.  This pedal is an articulate overdrive that is very responsive to pick attack and playing dynamics. The controls and circuit on this pedal are familiar, but the end result is anything but.  

For starters, there is no mid-hump and the tone control is usable and musical at all settings.  When cranked, the pedal has a rich, creamy tone that hits you in the gut with tight, full bass response.  Â“Death is Gain” also works especially well for filling out single note passages and stacks well with other drives and boosts.  Every guitar has a sweet spot that can be dialed in by the pedalÂ’s gain control, where light picking will be clean and bell-like, while playing hard will produce overdriven bliss.  From mild, dynamic gain to moderate crunch, “Death is Gain” will take you to tone heaven!


  • High grade double sided PCB's with plated through holes. 
  • Relayed true-bypass
  • Highest quality audio grade components 
  • Teflon insulated silver plated copper wiring 
  • Alpha pots

Each enclosure is hand etched and painted and no two will ever look the same. Knob and switch sets are determined at assembly depending on what I think looks best on that enclosure.

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