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Thermionic Overdrive is a pedal based around a BS170 MOSFET stage, followed by a tonestack, followed by a 5840 submini pentode stage. ‘Warm’ and ‘Hot’ modes selectable on the MOSFET stage. ‘Triode’ and ‘Pentode’ modes selectable on the tube stage. An in-built voltage multiplier feeds the tube some real hot juice!

Many uses for this pedal. Turn the MOSFET stage right down and you have a clean tube boost, using the tonestack to dial in the frequencies you want to boost. Or use the MOSFET stage to drive the tube stage into a warm, saturated overdrive reminiscent of the finest tube amplifiers. Flick over from ‘Warm’ to ‘Hot’ and your really into crunch territory. The ‘Triode/Pentode’ switch adds another level of cool tone options. Thermionic Overdrive has been designed to be powered from a 9 volt regulated (it consumes around 200ma) DC power pack (not supplied) and so can be seamlessly integrated into your pedalboard.

Thermionic Overdrive is available now at an introductory price of £150.00 GBP plus shipping to your location. I have yet to set up a paypal link from this page, in the meantime please contact me direct for orders.

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