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Free The Tone

Although the Matt Schofield Signature Model MS SOV SPECIAL was discontinued in December 2013, in response to an overwhelming demand from our customers, it has been revived as a standard pedal MS SOV (MS-2V). Though it no longer has Matt Schofield’s signature on the front side, the power is increased internally to +/-15DVC and the HTS circuit is implemented to prevent signal degradation when bypassed, the same as the original model. Also we made every effort with the MS SOV/MS-2V to recreate the equivalent sound quality of the original signature model.

Please enjoy the fat and smooth tone, and wide dynamic range of the “MS SOV/MS-2V”.

Main Features:

  • The power is increased internally to +/-15Vdc to provide a wide dynamic range and rich expression.
  • HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) circuit is included, which comprehensively manages the signal from input to output.
  • Astoundingly excellent Signal-to-Noise ratio.
  • Reliable, high-quality parts are used to ensure long life and stable sound.


  • Input Impedance: 1MO
  • Output Impedance: less than 200O
  • Controls: LEVEL, TONE, DRIVE
  • Connectors: 1/4-inch phone jack x 2 (INPUT and OUTPUT) DC9V input jack (AC adaptor jack)
  • Power Supply: 9V battery or AC adaptor
  • Power Consumption: DC9V, 90mA (Max)
  • Dimensions: 115 (D) x 72 (H) x 50 (H) mm(Including foot switch, jack and rubber feet)
  • Weight: 250g approx. (Not including battery)

Warning: The power consumption of the MS SOV MS-2V pedal is 90mA/(DC9V), so the use of an AC adaptor is recommended.

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