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Free The Tone

The Free The Tone standard effectors are a new series of effects pedals based on the best of advanced technology and extensive experience by the designer who has been building system racks and handmade custom effects for top musicians for many years. These new pedals represent an advance in development standards focusing on every aspect of the design from the state-of-the-art circuitry to the layout of the chassis.

There are many overdrive pedals on the market but Free The Tone set out to make an overdrive pedal that would become a reference for great tone.  The player’s ideal overdrive pedal is smooth, warm, creamy and harmonically rich, with tons of sustain. The GIGS BOSON has all those things in spades. The origin of the name “GIGS BOSON” came from the Higgs Boson particle which was discovered this summer. The discovery of this particle could be the first step in elucidating the structure of the universe. We sincerely hope that the GIGS BOSON overdrive pedal will become your first step into discovering a world of new tones.


  • A newly developed and very special input circuit HTS (Holistic Tonal Solution) Circuit is included to prevent guitar signal degradation even when bypassed.
  • It is an extremely versatile overdrive with a wide gain range useable for everything from Blues to Jazz and Rock.
  • The GIGS BOSON overdrive pedal delivers much more dynamic range for the DC9V power supply than would normally be expected, and also has a very low S/N ratio.
  • The newly developed input circuit has an input impedance switch (1MO/100kO), which works even if the effector is turned off. This enables better control of your sound than you could achieve with just a tone circuit, delivering the full power of your tone even when used with a solid-state amp.
  • The Tone Control not only adjusts the sound quality but also enables you to bring out the detailed nuances of your picking.
  • Reliable, high-quality parts are used to ensure long life and stable sound.

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