Free State FX


    Free State FX is run by Jason Fry: owner, audio engineer and master electronics builder. The company is located in Lawrence, Kansas, United States.

    Timeline (by Jason Fry)

    • March 1998: assembled first electronics project "Blinkie" in a technology class in Junior High School.
    • May 2005: assembled first synthesizer (it worked for about 2 minutes before I placed it on a metal table while it was powered on and burnt up every IC and transistor!)
    • May 2005: repaired my first synthesizer
    • June 2005 to December 2009: assembled over 100 different FX Pedals, Synthesizer Modules, Table Top Synthesizers, and Circuit Bent Instruments for myself and friends.
    • January 2010: Founded Free State FX custom building electronics projects for musicians and studios.
    • December 2010: released the first FSFX catalog product 'Hott Fuzz' and quickly sold out of first batch.

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