Freekish Blues M22 Rock Crusher - Overdrive & Distortion


Freekish Blues

M22 Rock Crusher Overdrive, a high gain overdrive & distortion (OD) pedal engineered and designed to attain vintage 70s through present day Rock tones. The pedal set up with an overdriven amplifier creates sweeping tone and sparkle crunch. The pedal cuts through any band situation or mix. The pedal was engineered with the tonal nuisances of the 70's Marshall Amplifiers. Vintage British blues rock tones, early AC/DC, Van Halen to Metallica and beyond can be heard with this pedal.

The M22 Rock Crusher OD can be eq'd to be tight, thick high gain for pure rock ‘n’ roll bliss. Not meant to just mimic one band or historic amplifier….but created to add to your tonal arsenal without having additional amplifiers or spending large sums on so called “Boutique” pedals. As all the Freekish Blues Pedals the M22 Rock Crusher OD is hand crafted in a basement.

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