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Freekish Blues

The Freek Out! is a mid 1960s fuzz. It is within the Gibson Maestro FZ-1/FZ-1A and extended family of the Mosrite Fuzzrite fuzz, Univox Super Fuzz, Jordan Bosstone, Kay Fuzz. Here we go... the Pro Mk II Tonebender... Yes I said it!...

Designed with unique and accentuated voicing with the ability to stand out in the mix or band depending on ego at that time. The pedal cleans up wonderfully. Experiment with your guitars pick ups, volume and tone knobs/controls and be wonderfully surprised with the fresh sounds to be had.

The Freek Out! and its innovative & unique design allow you to open new doors with the Travel Agent knob and let you truly expand your mind! with the Turn On! Tune In! Freek Out! knob

Dial in many tones from the 1960s and don't be held back to venture past. Well Turn It Up Man. The revolution will be televised.

Example tones all over the dial from White Album - Beatles, early Rolling Stones, Early Dragon Tele Zeppelin, The Doors, The Who, 60's Acid Rock, Garage Rock, Early Bearded ZZ Top, Grunge Rock - Pearl Jam/Nirvana.

Solid aluminum housing, Hardwire true-bypass stomp switch, 9V Adapter, as well as accessible battery compartment

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