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Freekish Blues

The Coily Fuzz is a late 1960s fuzz. Its related by marriage on its mother's side to the Late 1960s Dallas Arbiter Fuzz. A tip of the hat or bandana to Jimi "James" Hendrix himself....Not your typical 5 O'Clock shadow fuzz here Lady and Gents.

Designed with unique and accentuated voicing, thick but with properly voiced mids and with the ability to stand out in the mix or band depending on which side of the bed you woke up on. The pedal cleans up wonderfully. Experiment with your guitars pick ups, volume and tone knobs/controls and be wonderfully surprised with the fresh sounds to be had.

The Coily Fuzz and its innovative & unique design give you the ability to play in the mud of Woodstock and possibly to give birth to a child, get a new car, caviar, four star daydream or even become a little or a lot paranoid. Experiment with the Midnight Lamp and Electric Ladyland knobs to conjure up the ghost of fuzz past but also the ghost of fuzz future.

Example tones all over the dial from Hendrix, Sabbath. Pink Floyd, Joe Perry, Cream, John Anthony Frusciante.

Solid aluminum housing, Hardwire true-bypass stomp switch, 9V Adapter, as well as accessible battery compartment.

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