Freekish Blues Chubb Up! - Davy Knowles Signature Octave Fuzz



Freekish Blues

Freekish Blues announces the realease of the Davy Knowles Signature Pedal:

The Chubb Up! Octave Fuzz

The Chubb Up! Octave/Fuzz is an Octave Up Fuzz that is switchable to just have the Fuzz on by itself. The Chubb Up! was designed and engineered with the Vintage Octave Fuzz/Fuzz pedals of the Late 60s / Early-Mid 70's in mind. The Chubb Up! is more responsive, controlled, and defined. More can be controlled from the guitar with the Chubb Up! Many tones can be unearthed. The pedal responds well with an overdriven amp and overdrive pedals. The pedal shines on a clean set up. Cuts right through the mix or band! Fat/Thin switch gives more tonal fuzz options. The Chubb Up! is versatile, rich, and harmonic with an Octave Up that is right in your face!

    "I am immensely proud to put my name on such a fantastic product. The quality of tone and playability of this pedal is just fantastic. There are so many rich harmonics that are apparent in this pedal, that I was actually getting multiple notes! So much so that it was like an extra bonus effect! Such a wonderful tone and using the guitar's volume you can really dive into how responsive this pedal can be. I can see this being an important part of my rig for many many years to come." Davy Knowles

Solid aluminum housing, Hardwire true-bypass stomp switch, 9V Adapter, as well as accessible battery compartment.

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