Freekish Blues Alpha Drive II Red Dot


Freekish Blues

Alpha Drive II - Red Dot: World’s Finest Overdrive

The Alpha Drive II Red Dot has been refined with the help of many musicians. Freekish Blues listened to your feedback and made changes to the circuit that allows more gain with a thicker bottom end and lower mids.

Freekish Blues has worked hard with its overseas manufacturer to bring to you a high quality overdrive at a price that can fit most peoples's budget.

Freekish Blues welcomes you to compare the Alpha Drive II - Red Dot to any of the Boutique pedals on the market today.

The Alpha Drive II - Red Dot is the Finest Overdrive on the market today, bar none.

  • Extremely Detailed and Transparent with the OD Level set below the 12:00 Position
  • Cleans up extremely well and stays transparent with your guitar volume turned downed
  • Dynamic and Harmonically Rich like many of the Best Sounding Dumbles

Alpha Drive II - Red Dot Specifications:

  • Aluminum housing
  • High Grade caps
  • Metal Film resistors
  • Hand Wired
  • True Bypass
  • 3 knobs - Overdrive, Volume, Treble
  • Mid Switch
  • ROHS Compliant


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