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Freekish Blues

Alpha Drive II+ USA Custom Shop: World’s Finest Overdrive Hand Made In The USA

The Alpha Drive II+ has been refined with the help of many musicians. Freekish Blues listened to your feedback and made changes to the circuit that allows for the smoothest Dumble style overdrive possible while also allowing for custom opamp options to taylor the overdrive to your specific needs.

This overdrive is hand assembled and wired in the USA with only the highest quality components. Alpha pots, Switchcraft jacks, Panasonic and Wima caps as well as a Cliff USA enclosure and a Cliff 3PDT switch.

The Alpha Drive II+ USA Custom Shop is the finest USA made overdrive on the market today, bar none. Thanks Ken!

Extremely Detailed and Transparent

Alpha Drive II+ USA Custom Shop Specifications:

  • Hand Assembled and Wired in the USA
  • Cliff USA Aluminum housing
  • High Grade Panasonic and WIMA Caps
  • Metal Film resistors
  • True Bypass
  • 3 knobs - Overdrive, Volume, Treble
  • Mid Switch
  • Heavy Duty Cliff 3PDT Switch
  • 9 Volt battery snap inside, or a standard Boss style 9 Volt DC adapter
  • OPAMP Options: TL082 (Stock), AD712, OPA2604, and more...

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