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This is a clone of the Interfax Harmonic Percolator overdrive/distortion, an oddball asymetrical clipping pedal popularised by Steve Albini of Shellac. Built to the most recent 'general consensus' schematic, with the addition of a switch to disengage the germanium clipping diodes, for a more open overdriven sound, which I think adds to the versatility of the effect.

All parts are the best quality available. True bypass via 3PDT EH or Cliff footswitch, powered by battery or standard center-neg DC jack, red LED.

Small, MXR-sized enclosure finished in eastern-bloc Lada cream and a scene of East Berlin in the seventies.

This pedal uses very rare Russian new old stock MP16B germanium and ST3904 silicon transistors. Differing from the original Harmonic Percolator, and the other clone I make, this pedal offers slightly more fuzz, gain and sustain, straying into fuzz rather than overdrive territory.

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