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This is a clone of the rare and desirable Ampeg Scrambler, faithful to the originals with the addition of 9V power jack, status LED and true bypass. The Scrambled Brainz is a harsh upper-octave fuzz with a few ring-mod tones thrown in. 'Texture' sets the amount of fuzz (you could call it 'gain') and 'blend' sets the mix with your clean guitar sound. The Scrambled Brainz features unique custom artwork by Stacey Hine, professionally screen printed onto powdercoated white enclosures, for a lifetime of hard-wearing brain scrambling.

Small, pedal-board friendly, professionally painted MXR-sized enclosure.

All parts are the best quality available. Neutrik jacks. True bypass via Alpha or Cliff footswitch, powered by battery or standard center-neg DC jack, clear red LED.

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