Fredric Effects Husk(er)y Wolf


Fredric Effects

Classic husk(er)y distortion brought up to date.

The Fredric Effects Husk(er)y Wolf is a handmade boutique-quality MXR Dist+ clone. It is built using the classic beige-box Distortion plus schematic, only with asymetrical silicon clipping diodes for a fizzier, gainier sound (actually closer to that employed by Bob Mould of Husker Du). The output pot has been swapped for a 100k one for more overall volume (a criticism of original bud-box, script and block logo units).

This effect utilises switchcraft jacks, alpha switch and is true bypass. Power by battery (lasts forever) or 9V center-neg Boss-style jack.

Controls: Gain, Volume

Also available with germanium clipping diodes.

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