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The HiRAY is a fuzz pedal... with a pretty hefty gated effect to it. You could even call it a "bit crusher" because it basically destroys a fair amount of your guitars sound as it passes through as well. It's a very loud pedal and I recommend you don't crank the output untill you first try it out and see how loud it really is! An expression pedal can and should be hooked up to it to realize the full potential/sonic capability of this sucka as well. This pedal is not for everyone... it's loud, noisy, will most definately cause feedback, and some people will despise the gate effect it has... but it sure is fun... Enjoy!

  • IN: This knob controls the level of signal that gets into the pedal itself. Increasing or decreasing this will result in different overtones, feedback, and general personality. It will also effect the overall volume to a point.
  • Filter 1: This is the first tone filter of the pedal... It has a sorta pseudo "thru-zero" flange effect on the pedal. It is also the knob that is connected to the Expression pedal input. In other words... connecting an expression (volume) pedal to the pedal will render this knob inoperative. More on this later...
  • Filter 2: This is the second tone filter of the pedal... similar to the first filter in that it shapes tone... but this one is in a different spot in the circuit for a different effect. This knob acts more like a treble control to the overall tone. Turning it fully clockwise can make some pretty harsh tones!
  • OUT: This controls the pedals output. It's basically one of our other pedals (a slightly modified 2010 boost) that was incorporated into the pedal to make it very very loud and obnoxious.
  • Expression pedal input: This is marked as "EXP" on the top of the pedal. To use it, simply connect the out jack of a volume pedal such as an Ernie B*ll here and have at it. It will really bring the pedal alive and make it sound sorta like a thru-zero-flanger effect... at least thats what it reminds me of. You be the judge, but I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using it!

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