Freakshow Effects


    Freakshow Effects was started by Justin Patry, who is still the owner/operator/builder/designer. They're located in Portland, Maine, USA.

    Timeline (by Justin Patry)

    Well I don't know important dates so I'll try to make a timeline/summary:

    • Made first 10 pedals for Musictoyz, they sold out in 1 day! (5 Brown Rabbits and 5 Digilog Delays)
    • Made 20 more for Musictoyz, they also sold out quickly.
    • Picked up other dealers around the world!!!
    • Got word that the boys in WILCO loved my stuff and I made several pedals for them as a result. This was mind blowing to me! someone actually liked my stuff!
    • Parted ways with my original artist, Patrick Corrigan, and started to silkscreen 90% of our pedals. We still do very few handpainted versions.
    • Came out with other models (Maharishi, 20XX boost (the nine), HiRAY, Ripple)
    • 5 years later... Still here hopefully making people happy in guitarland!

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