Frayed Knot Electronics Marma - Resonating Delay


Frayed Knot Electronics

A resonating delay, using a sextet of filters pulling highs, lows, and cross sections of frequencies from the delay path, creating hollow distant echoes, distinct rhythmic thuds & chimes, to ringing swells of intense but controllable feedback.


  • Delay Time
  • Feedback/Repeats
  • Filter set A frequency- lows
  • Filter set B frequency- highs
  • Filter A resonance
  • Filter B resonance
  • Array filter blend
  • Delay mix
  • Wet/Dry
  • Footswitch- Bypass


  • 16 bit 44100hz 
  • 450ms delay 
  • 1/4 mono in/out 
  • true bypass 
  • 2.1mm center negative 9v dc 150ma
  • Conditional lifetime guarantee

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