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Frayed Knot Electronics

The Belladonna is a delay with a frequency modulated oscillator folding itself into the feedback path, giving drifting tremolo/modulation, rising/falling repeats, warped bell-like harmonics, and more.


  • R - repeats/ feedback
  • T - delay time( when set to zero, R can control how much modulation/ how many harmonies get added to your signal!)
  • F - modulation oscillator center frequency
  • V - wet/dry mix

3xO- offsets: these 3 knobs work together to offset the amplitude, slope, and period of the frequency modulation/wavefolding.

(Modulation speed can go anywhere from LFO tremolo type repeats, to rising/falling shepard tones, to ultrasonic bubbling.)

  • footswitch- bypass
  • 16 bit 44100hz
  • 450ms delay
  • 1/4 mono in/out
  • true bypass
  • 2.1mm center negative 9v dc 150ma
  • conditional lifetime guarantee

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