Frantone Universal Translator


Frantone (Internet Archive 2001)

The world's most versatile and affordable 9VDC pedal power supply!

Small in size and modular in design, and powering one or two effects, the Universal Translator is a must for any serious musician. Perfect for those that perform overseas! Comes with 12VAC adapter for use in North America, but by putting any 12V power source in (AC, DC adapter, or battery) you get quiet regulated 9VDC out.

Each Universal Translator is hand-made in New York City by Frantone and features:

  • ABS plastic case
  • Red indicator LED
  • 3.5mm external power jack / output jacks
  • All teflon hook-up wire
  • Two (2) 3.5mm Frantone power cables
  • 12VAC adapter

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