Frantone Thunderhead Bass Booster


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Built for bass or guitar, this simple to use bass booster really kicks butt. The tone filter boosts the frequencies below 300hz, and the BOOST control lets you dial in as much bottom as you want. The Thunderhead is ideal for the bass player who wants even more bottom, or the guitar player looking for more punch and a thicker sound. The Thunderhead comes in space age hammered metallic blue lacquer finish with custom white Bakelite knobs and matching star bright White LED!

All new Frantone effects come with full signal bypass and status light!

Each Thunderhead bass booster is hand-made in the USA by Frantone and features:

  • Tough cast aluminum case
  • Metallic blue hammered-look lacquer finish
  • True bypass switching
  • White indicator LED
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Steel LED bezel
  • White bakelite knobs
  • Hard mounted PCB
  • External power jack
  • All teflon hook-up wire
  • Really cute clear feet

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