Frantone Ingot Effects Loop Switcher



This one is truly worth its weight in gold. The Ingot has quiet true bypass switching action so you know it sounds good by not sounding like anything at all. The Ingot runs for a long time on a 9V battery, or it can be powered by most 9VDC pedal supplies. Comes in space age hammered look gold lacquer finish with amber status LED.

All new Frantone effects come with full signal bypass and status light!

Each Ingot effects loop switcher is hand-made in the USA by Frantone and features:

  • Tough cast aluminum case
  • Gold metallic hammered look lacquer finish
  • True bypass switching
  • Amber indicator LED
  • Switchcraft jacks
  • Steel LED bezel
  • Hard mounted PCB
  • External power jack
  • All teflon hook-up wire
  • Really cute clear feet

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