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Has to be put between the amp head and the speaker cabinet and you need a separate amplification for the microphone.

Framptone is owned by Peter Frampton, famous for his use of talkboxes.


Now you can sound like the legendary Peter Frampton with 'The Framptone' - a unique handmade guitar tool that enables you to achieve the "talking guitar" effect as well as an unlimited array of instruments/vocal morphing effects.

The unit can be used in either a single or dedicated ( multi ) amplifier configuration, is handmade and sturdily built, and allows for ANY size of tubing to be used!

Features include:

  • a majestic, pyramid-shaped, powder coated steel chassis
  • a custom designed and built alnico/phenolic driver
  • an indestructable 250 volt mylar capacitor for the smoothest/warmest frequency crossover
  • tube size versatility
  • solid steel milled sound transference chamber
  • high intensity LED indicators

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