Framptone 3-Banger


  • A (footswitch)
  • B (footswitch)
  • C (footswitch)
  • A (Ground/Lift)
  • B (Ground/Lift)
  • C (Ground/Lift)



First up in the stores is this solution to amplifier switching - it allows you to switch or combine three or four different amps at the touch of a button, without any of the common problems often found when using an A/B Box. Sturdily built to withstand all the rigors of extensive road use, it is powered by a 9 volt battery ( although you can use power adaptors for battery free use ) and the unit is simplicity itself to use. It uses the same high quality components and standards of construction as in the Amp Switcher.

Features include:

  • Ground loop exclusion - highest quality transformer is used, electronically isolating the ground
  • Custom buffer circuit designed to convert the instrument input to a low impedance signal, allowing the instrument signal to be fed to many amplifiers simultaneously without signal loss or degredation
  • Soft touch momentary switches for click-less, noise free switching
  • Phase reversal switch to eliminate any out of phase amp situation
  • 'Last Amp On' feature - flashing LED's allow you to know which amp will be activated when you stop using both amps combined

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