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The all new Axe-Fx II is an all-in-one preamp/effects processor that includes an incredible virtual collection of hundreds of vintage and modern guitar amps, speaker cabs, guitar stompbox and studio effects. It accurately recreates the sound and feel of real amps, cabs, and effects and is ideal for both live and studio use. Besides superb sound, the Axe-Fx II has unrivalled power and flexibility, offering even greater freedom than traditional guitar amps and effects. And despite having some of the world's most advanced guitar technology inside, it is still surprisingly easy to use.

With twice the power of our former flagship processor, the Axe-Fx Ultra, our new processor has a lot in store. The Axe-Fx II is available now.

Easier-to-Use Front Panel Features

The Axe-Fx II has an all new front panel with great new features, including a larger LCD display. Four QUICK CONTROL knobs give you hands-on access to on-screen parameters. X and Y buttons allow "channel switching" on amps and 9 other effect types.

Twice the Power

The Axe-Fx II features two state-of-the-art Analog Devices TigerSHARC Digital Signal Processors working in tandem. One is devoted solely to amp modeling while the other handles effects and other processing. The Axe-Fx II is by far the most powerful instrument processor ever created, with more raw, real-time audio processing horsepower than anything available at any price. Yet, unlike power-hungry computers, it consumes less than 40W!

G2 Amp Modeling Technology™

All this new power is put to use in G2 Amp Modeling Technology™, comprised of major breakthroughs in both preamp and power amp modeling. In the virtual preamp, new Virtual Vacuum Tube™ technology creates a dynamic model of a vacuum tube for a level of realism, complexity and response that other products can't match. G2 also models the entire power amp including the tubes, transformers, choke, filter caps and more. The results are amazing: warm, yet tight bass, powerful midrange and silky highs.

Improved Speaker Simulation

Along with the new dynamic modeling in the amp block, the Axe-Fx II features a new higher resolution speaker simulator with 70 preset and 50 user memory locations for speaker cabinet impulse responses. Preset cabs include custom blends from the RedWirez and Ownhammer collections.

Exquisite Effects

The original Axe-Fx was known for its ultra-realistic recreations of classic stomp boxes and rack processor effects. The Axe-Fx II takes this even farther, while also making it easier to dial in the sounds you want to hear. With hundreds of effects types onboard, it recreates the sounds of classic stompboxes and cutting edge studio processors. New for the Axe-Fx II, effect models can be dialed in with a single "type" knob to make all required settings for great sound in seconds. Models include tape, analog "bucket brigade" and vintage digital delays, “script" and "block" logo phasers, 'vibe and many many more. Many of the effects have also been updated and enhanced on the Axe-Fx II, offering new sounds and useful features.

Axe-Fx II/Computer Integration with Onboard USB

The Axe-Fx II has a host of USB connectivity features. Connected to your Mac or PC, it becomes a 2x4 Audio Interface with 1x1 high speed MIDI. This allows you to record the main processed outputs and simultaneously capture a "dry" track for re-amping later. You can also monitor or process computer audio tracks with the Axe-Fx II. 1x1 high speed MIDI-over-USB eliminates the need for a separate MIDI interface and makes editing with Axe-Edit, our free editor librarian software easier than ever before..

New I/O Capabilities and with Even Less Noise

The Axe-Fx II offers a range of essential input and outputs. Alongside balanced XLR outs, the ¼" unbalanced outputs feature our new Humbuster™ technology, which senses and subtract the ground noise of equipment connected with a simple stereo-to-mono cable. This can provide up to 20 dB reduction in ground noise without resorting to dangerous "cheater plugs" or expensive isolation transformers. Rear analog inputs are also balanced.

The Axe-Fx II was also designed with the “Four-Cable Method” in mind. Special analog processing keeps the noise floor even lower on output 2, designed to be connected to the front of an amplifier.

Meanwhile, the front panel input uses a proprietary circuit and dedicated A/D converter for astonishingly low noise. The original Axe-Fx was hailed for its low-noise performance; the Axe-Fx II provides an almost 10 dB SNR improvement with the same pristine quality. The front panel also now features a high quality headphone jack.



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