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Fractal Audio Systems (2006)

The AxeFx from Fractal Audio Systems is a breakthrough in guitar effects processing. Advanced processing algorithms and unprecedented computing power offer not only the sound, but the FEEL of a real tube amp. Our Dynamic Response Technology™ (DRT™) accurately simulates the varying frequency response of an overdriven tube amplifier. Unlike conventional tube modelers where the frequency response is static, Fractal's DRT™ gives the guitarist a true dynamic experience.

Along with our proprietary amp simulation you also get a host of pristine digital effects including reverb, chorus, flanger, delay, rotary simulator, and many more.

Massive programmability along with an intuitive user interface allow for quick preset generation. Many parameters are variable in real-time by both external and internal controllers. And you'll never run out of presets locations as the huge internal memory can store 384 patches.

Dynamic Response Technology

The Axe-Fx's Dynamic Response Technology™ (DRT™) is a revolutionary new technique of reproducing the "feel" of an overdrive tube amp. Typical modelling amps have static frequency response. The Axe-Fx's frequency response changes dynamically with your playing, just like a real, living, breathing tube amp.

Unmatched Processing Power

A 500 MHz, dual-core processor equips the Axe-Fx with more raw compute power than many desktop computers. Able to process 2 Billion floating-point instructions per second, nothing even comes close to the power of the Axe-Fx. Enough power to run 10 super-high quality effects simultaneously (typically 12 or more depending upon effect resource requirements).

Pristine effects

In addition to the best amp/cabinet simulation the Axe-Fx provides the finest reverb, chorus, flanger, phaser, etc. etc. The unprecedent procssing power of the Axe-Fx allows studio quality procssing in a portable, rack-mountable chassis. No cheesy stuff here, just clean, clear, pristine effects.

And you get a hugh arsenal of effects at your disposal. The following lists the number of instances of each effect and the types that are available. For example you can run two compressors simultaneously.

Real-Time Control

Up to 16 parameters can be controlled in real-time via any combination of external or internal controllers: eight external controllers , two LFO's, two ADSR generators, envelope follower, pitch follower, eight-stage sequence generator. Unique modifier function allows mapping of control values to parameter with many different curves.

Fast Preset Switching

Rapid preset switching assures confident performance for live use. No annoying lag to worry about. And our soft-mute feature prevents any clicks or pops between changes.

  • (2) Amplifier Simulator
  • (2) Cabinet Simulator with microphone simulation
  • (2) Compressor
  • (2) 8-band Graphic Equalizer
  • (2) 5-band Parametric Equalizer
  • (2) Reverb
  • (2) Delay
  • (2) Multi-tap Delay
  • (2) Eight-voice Chorus
  • (2) Flanger
  • (2) Phaser
  • (2) Rotary Cabinet Simulator
  • (2) Wah-Wah
  • (1) Formant Synthesizer (Talk-box simulator)
  • (2) Panner / Tremolo
  • (1) Intelligent 2-voice Pitch Shifter
  • (2) General Purpose Filter
  • (2) Drive (fuzz, boost, etc)
  • (1) Stereo Enhancer
  • (1) Effects Loop
  • (2) General Purpose Mixer
  • (1) Noise Gate

Huge Memory

Huge, battery-backed memory has capacity for 384 presets. Enough room for even the most demanding studio or stage application.

Routable Effects Loop

The Axe-Fx features the industry's only routable effects loop. You can place the loop anywhere in the routing matrix. A unique live performance feature enables the effects loop to act as an auxillary output.

Studio Quality Components

Top-of-the-line, 24-bit Cirrus Logic® converters assure signal purity. Our proprietary analog front end features no electrolytic capacitors in the signal path, only high-quality film types. The output signal path likewise has no electrolytic capacitors. High-performance Analog Devices® op-amps are used in all signal paths. All this adds up to an extremely low noise floor (better than -105 dB).

Flexible Routing Matrix

A 4-row by 12-column routing matrix allows for almost any imaginable configuration. Effects can be placed in any order, and in series or parallel or a combination of both. The user is not constrained to predefined routings and the routing can be changed at any time by simply moving the effect in the matrix.

Full MIDI Control

The Axe-Fx provides for complete, real-time control via MIDI. A mapping feature allows for custom mapping of presets to MIDI program changes. Continuous controllers can be used to bypass effects, control effects parameters, global volume, tempo and many other parameters. The Axe-Fx was designed with the working musician in mind. Our unique "Global Bypass" feature allows using a single continuous controller to bypass effects for each preset. No more having to remember which button to push. Simply assign a controller to the Global Bypass and then use that to activate all bypassed effects in a preset. Press again and those effects are returned to their bypassed state.



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