F-Pedals Edstortion - Eddie Kramer Signature Distortion




Efx Modes:

  • Vintage
  • Modern


  • D : 93.5mm (3.68 in)
  • W : 42mm (1.65 in)
  • H : 52mm (2.05 in)
  • Weight: 160g (0.35lb)


  • Analog
  • True Bypass
  • Multiple Modes
  • Full Metal Shell
  • Multisided Silkscreen
  • Eco-friendly Packaging

The F-Pedals™ EK-Distortion is an incredibly compact,light weighted, and versatile distortion/fuzz analog pedal, inspired by the amazing works of the legendary producer and engineer Eddie Kramer®.

With a very intuitive and sleek design, the EK-Distortion will help you explore incredible soundscapes from old classic rock to contemporary distortion sounds.

It features 2 Distortion Modes : Vintage and Modern, an input level gain, a tone micro control, a distortion control and a true bypass footwitch.

F-Pedals (press release NAMM 2014)

Edstortion is a phenomenal pedal with lots of personality. It’s a pedal with an attitude to rock.

With three different distortion technologies built in that are easily selectable by a mini switch, Edstortion allows you to achieve an incredible range of tones from heavy compressed distortion to very subtle crunch with great dynamic. Don’t get fooled by the size—it sounds HUGE!

  • Purely Analog
  • Revolutionary Wireless F-Power Built-in
  • Compatible with Standard 9V DC Supply (Center Negative)
  • 3 Selectable Mods
  • 3 Controls: Level, Tone, Distortion
  • 3.6*2.0*1.5 in / 9.2*5.2*3.8 cm
  • Die Cast Aluminium Enclosure with Silkscreen Printing on All Sides
  • True Bypass Footswitch
  • Comes in a velvety pouch and a mini wine-box style wood box
  • Designed in California, Made in Napoli (Italy)

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