F-Pedals Darklight



DARKLIGHT is a distortion pedal with balls and unparalleled flexibility,it will illuminate the path to the darkest part of your creative vision.

Versatile, loud and insanely powerful with an incredible range of sounds and possibilities.

The limit to your self expression is the brightest sky ...or the darkest hell!

  • Purely Analog
  • Comes in Standard (F-Power ready)& Lite (NO F-Power) version.
  • Compatible with Standard 9V DC Supply (Center Negative)
  • F-External Expression Control Ready*
  • 5 Controls: Drive, Tone, Distortion, Dark, Light.
  • 3.6*2.0*1.5 in / 92*52*38 mm
  • Die Cast Aluminium Enclosure
  • True Bypass Footswitch

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