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Designed by a dedicated Shadows Fan and guitarist, and painstakingly developed in collaboration with one of the UK's foremost electronics companies Electromech, the long-awaited Gemini III® will finally enable the most avid of Hank Marvin devotees to easily achieve "That Sound". Active frequency attenuation and compensatory amplification (mono in, mono out) give two selectable degrees of sound modification. Crisp, clear mids and bottom-end without shrill, piercing tops will enable uncannily accurate emulation of the sounds associated with such popular recordings as "Kon Tiki", "Frightened City", "The Boys" etc. Virtually silent digital switching takes care of selection. The straight-through stage bypasses the unit's circuitry, although we'll bet that you'll use the Gemini III® more and more once you've discovered the clarity and crispness that this clever and unique unit brings. Priced at just £87.00 plus shipping, this unit will bring "That Sound" to your fingertips.

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