fOXX Power Machine


the housings for these effects were made of Maxwell House coffee-jar lids.

early 70's fOXX ad

Does your amp sound like the silent majority?

Triple the output of your amp with the fOXX Power Machine. Special power switch and boost control allow you to boost power for lead passages or play straight through. The Power Machine will increase the sustain qualities of your instrument and improve performance of other sound effect units. When used with an electric bass, it will produce a full, deep string bass effect.

Our exclusive Overdrive switch lets you obtain a mild natural distortion that sounds like a tube amp at full volume. The Overdrive effect can be used at any volume level and will allow you to create controlled feedback effects with your amplifier.

  • Price $18.95
  • Lifetime guarantee
  • USA Made
  • Five plush colors: red, blue, black, yellow and brite lime.

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