fOXX Studio Model 7 Foot Phaser


  • (treadle in mode 1)
    controls the depth/amplitude of the LFO that controls the phaser
  • (treadle in mode 2)
    sweeps the phaser like a wah pedal
  • Mode
    switches between the 2 treadle modes
  • Range (Slow-Fast)
    controls the speed of the LFO wave that controls the phaser in mode 1
  • Depth
    controls the depth of the LFO wave that controls the phaser in mode 1



“This Phaser is set to stun!” —The fOXX Foot Phaser is one of the most requested pedals in the fOXX Pedals collection. This pedal was used by Brian May of Queen to create rock rhapsody and it is now ready to stun a whole new generation of rockers. Take it slow to get a smooth, swirling effect or crank it up to get a wicked, undulating euphony - no matter the setting, the Foot Phaser adds motion to any lick that even a fat bottom girl would appreciate.

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low frequency oscillator lfo-controlled foot-controlled threadle wah fazer phaser modulation modulate time-based lfo phazer
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