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An original design, it's not a clone of anything. The first and only flanger of it's kind. Through-zero-flanging was done in the 60's using a pair of analog tape decks. Stomp box flangers were never able to produce the authentic tape flanging sound, the part where it goes over the top, the best part! The orgasm. Here are some examples of through-zero-flanging. Hendrix - Axis bold as love, Midnight, House burning down, Gypsies Eyes, Have you ever been, Queen - Keep yourself alive, Eagles - Life in the fast lane, Doobie Bros - Listen to the music, Lenny Kravitz - Are you gonna go my way, Black girl, Stop draggin' around, Small Faces - Itchykoo park, Joe Walsh - The confessor.

Serious flanging Paradox TZF meant for people who are serious about flanging. If you just need a swirly, tubular sound, your garden variety $40 flanger will do just fine. But if you've been on an endless quest for that magical flanging sound, a sound you only hear on recordings from the 60's and 70's, this baby is for you! Follow the links above to hear audio clips.

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