Foxrox Expression pedal



Foxrox Electronics is proud to offer the new Foxrox Expression pedal. A low cost, high quality control pedal, modified for optimum performance with Foxrox products.


  1. Provibe Speed control (Captain Coconut 2)
  2. Paradox TZF Manual control
  3. Paradox TZF Speed control


  • Taper control pot that allows you to tweak the taper and adjust the functional travel of the pedal to your liking.
  • Rotational position of the internal pot pre-set by Fox for the best range
  • 18" wire coming out of the pedal so it's not a mess on the floor. The 6 foot wire is wound up in the pedal, so you can get more length if you need it.
  • High quality plastic casing. Of all the plastic control pedals, this one is the highest quality I've seen. Not a light-weight piece of garbage, this thing will surprise you. Has a thick metal base.

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