Formula B Mini Bender PRO MkII


Formula B

This pedal is a faithfull recreation of the legendary "Tone Bender Professional MK II" with some modern upgrades, as the small, pedalboard-friendly enclosure and the ON-OFF bright led.

Plug it straight between your axe and your amp, play some early Led Zep tunes as "The Lemon Song" or "Good Times Bad Times" and smile! The tone is all there...

It nails Mick Ronson's riffs as well. 

Cleans up very well: with your guitar volume knob you can cover from mild overdrive to heavy, saturated fuzztones and everything between. 

It has a generous amount of output, so you won't disappear in the mix with your band.

Definitely a very fuzz sounding MK II.

Hand made by Marco Bovelli in Todi, Italy

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