Formanta Lider 1 (Форманта Лидер)



This is an original guitar effects processor produced in 1980`s by Katchkanar radio equipment factory "Formanta", famous for its well-known synthesizers Polivoks, Manual, Maestro etc. 

The Lider-1 has 4 main serial sections: mixer, phaser, Polivoks-type resonance filter, modulator (VCA with ADR) - each with its own parameters and indicators. On the outer surface of the bottom panel, an input sensitivity regulator is situated.

The unit is very original & beyond competition not only during 1980s but even now by its idea, quality and of course SOUND which is amazing! A very deep, warm analog set of effects which can be combined in any way producing a diverse palette of "out-of-this-planet" sounds!

If you are a Polivoks fan - its analog resonant filter with auto controlled ADR and modulation is definitely interesting!

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