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Foot Fetish Pedals

From classic to nasty, synthy fox tones, the Foot Fetish Fuzz Monkey will satisfy your fuzziest of wants and needs.  The Fuzz Monkey is equipped with the usual volume, gain and tone controls and a footswitchable octave.  However, Foot Fetish Pedals have added on an additional knob for bias, opening up a whole new range of ear ripping tones.


  • Controls: volume, gain, tone, bias, octave switch
  • One of a kind, hand painted finishes
  • Nasty, ripping fuzz tone
  • Fuzz Monkey 'Al' is equipped with a full/half bias switch
  • Fuzz Monkey 'Pee Wee' comes with extra transistors to switch in/out

Exclusively sold at Prymaxe Vintage

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