Fodera Preamp



  • Bass Boost
  • Mid Cut-Boost
  • Treble Boost
  • Master Volume
  • Mid Bypass
  • On/Off


Fodera (about model 2010)

Bright high tones, thick sound in mid and low range. Designed from the ground up by Mike Pope, who has performed with Chick Corea, David Sanborn and many other professional bands, the Model 2010 was conceived in real world environments instead of a laboratory. This means that when you turn the controls, you get what you need to make your bass (or guitar) sound great when it really counts....ON THE GIG!! . If you get this Fodera New PreAmp, you don't have to waste time setting up in a studio. Plug it into your bass and a full sound with great presence bursts forth from the speaker.

Controls... Volume, Treble(boost), Midd(boost/ cut), Bass(boost), Midd Bypass SW, Battery...18VDC ( 9V x2)

There are two heavy duty foot switches: the first serves as an ON/OFF while the second is a unique Mid Bypass which routes your signal around the Mid control. All of this plus unusually long battery life (up to 6 months!), and rugged construction adds up to one exceptional unit. The Model 2010 is entirely handmade in Brooklyn, NY, USA. Includes AC Power supply....

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