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Treble Booster history

Back in the early days of Rock'n'Roll, many guitarists (particularly blues players) began to turn their amps all the way to patent pending to get the sustain and tone they desired. For some however it wasn't enough. In an effort to get even more drive and punch from the often very dull sounding amps of the day guitarists started boosting the tone and level of their guitars with treble boosters. The humble treble booster would transform the vintage amps of the day into roaring tone machines. The rest is history and the resulting tones can be heard on just about every record made from the early sixties onwards. Have a listen to Rory Gallagher, Brian May, ZZ Top, Thin Lizzy, Bryan Adams, Status Quo, Pink Floyd, T Rex, Cream, Joe Walsh, Jimmy Page amongst others and you'll almost certainly hear the distinctive sound of the treble booster.

Treble Booster tones

Roll back the guitar volume for sparkly clean then wind it up for screaming sustain and attack. It's that simple. No triple channel amp required, no need for two distortion pedals, no need for compressors. Just classic tone that sings and enhances the natural sound of the guitar.


  • Classic Rangemaster circuit
  • Carefully selected NOS Germanium transistors
  • Hand wired construction
  • Extremely low battery consumption
  • Tool Free battery change
  • Blue LED indicator
  • 9V DC connector (positive earth)

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