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Cloned from Rory Gallagher's original 70's Hawk® booster.

In march 2008 we flew down to London on a mission to try and recreate Rory Gallagher's favourite booster, the 'Hawk®'. With help from Rory's brother (and band tour manager) Donal Gallagher, Tom O'Driscoll (band amp tech) and Daniel Gallagher (Donal's musician son) we meticulously photographed and carefully measured every component on Rory's original Hawk. From these photographs and drawings our Rory Gallagher signature Hawk booster was born.

Unbelievable sustain, drive and dynamic range are all controlled from the guitar and the player. The Hawk is super flexible and works with virtually any amp. Classic Rory Gallagher guitar tones are best achieved with Tweed Fender amps such as the Bassman, Tweed Twin, Tweed Deluxe, Concert as well as Marshall combos and Vox AC30/ 15 amps but you'll find most valve amps will work really well with the Hawk booster.

The Rory Gallagher Hawk features Bass-Middle-Treble-Volume controls as well as a LPF switch which cuts/ boosts treble frequencies similar to a classic treble booster. With it's wide EQ control and variable output level (the original had 2 fixed volume levels on a switch) you can get your amp singing like never before and still be able to clean up your sound all from the guitar volume pot.


  • 100% as Rory's original booster
  • Super flexible active EQ
  • Massive boost capability
  • Hand wired construction
  • Tool free battery change
  • 'Guitarist Choice' Award from Guitarist Magazine
  • Guitarist rating 4.5/5

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