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Flux Effects on Kickstarter (November 13, 2013)

Liquid Ambience is a DSP-based polyphonic voice and reverb effect which generates luscious ambient octave or fifth swells that bloom up from underneath your guitar sound and melt away gracefully... all in perfect tune with your input signal. It also produces haunting note bends and warm tone thickening. To get a glimpse of what it sounds like and the beautiful tones it can produce we encourage you to watch the project video where we showcase short sound snippets of the prototype!

The Liquid Ambience also provides a means of adding external effects to the dry path before it is wet/dry mixed at the final stage. To achieve this, a dry loop send & return is provided. The Send on its own can also be used as an input splitter if desired (i.e. a buffered copy of the analog input signal). Also the Return on its own can be used as a "dry replace" (i.e. feeds the wet end of the wet/dry mix with something completely independent).

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