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Flickinger Tone Boxes

The Flickinger Tone Boxes Cosmic Ray creates an astronomic range of clipping and gain through the use of three NOS Tungsram AC125z Germanium transistors. The Gain control actually tunes the input signal to the first transistor to manage and influence the whole effect. Three Anti-Matter controls fine tune the bias settings to the transistor to produce everything from classic overdrive to catastrophic fuzz and beyond. The left Anti-Matter knob controls the input bias for the second transistor, while the center controls the last transistor’s collector and the right controls its emitter. With this much control over three powerful gain stages, you have an extraordinary range of sounds at your fingertips, but you might have to be careful about blowing up your amp. Fortunately the Low Cut toggle attenuates the low end while the Tone control rolls back the highs for a darker sound. The Q-Link toggle switch adds or removes gain and functionality from right Anti-Matter control while the Volume control manages the potentially huge boost of the effect. The Flickinger Cosmic Ray is hand-wired, hand-painted, wired for true bypass and is powered by a single 9 volt battery only.


  • 3 NOS Tungsram AC125z Germanium Transistors
  • Gain, Tone, and Level Controls
  • Anti-Matter Left, Center and Right Controls
  • 2-Position Low Cut Toggle Switch
  • 2-Position Q-Link Toggle Switch
  • Hand-wired construction
  • Hand-painted durable aluminum enclosure
  • True-bypass switching with heavy-duty 3PDT push button switch and LED
  • 9v Battery Operation
  • Metal film resistors for low noise operation
  • Quality Switchcraft 1/4" jacks
  • No Op-Amp chips, NOS Germanium transitors for more musical gain
  • 5.75” (14.6 cm) x 4.75” (12.06 cm) x 2.75” (6.98 cm)

MAP: $239


The COSMIC RAY Tone Box is a unique clipping pedal that uses three NOS Tungsram AC125z Germanium transistors for its characteristic tone. The Anti-Matter knobs control the bias settings of the transistors to produce sounds that range from vintage style overdrive to broken speaker fuzz tones. The nature of the controls allows for some sounds that are beyond the limits of good taste, I hope you enjoy that aspect!

  • GAIN: This knob controls the input level to the effect. Depending on the output signal from your guitar or other pedals, you may notice a severe squashing of the sound at the extreme clockwise position, this is normal. Back off the control slightly if this is not the sound you want.

  • ANTI-MATTER (LEFT): The first Anti-Matter knob is the noisiest, meaning you will hear noise and when adjusting this control with the pedal engaged, this is normal. This is setting the bias point for the second transistor's collector. This control will increase gain and add linearity to the response from 9 o'clock to 1 o'clock on the knob. Past that, it becomes very interactive with the other Anti-Matter knobs.

  • ANTI-MATTER (CENTER): This control works very similarly to the left Anti-Matter control, however it is biasing the third transistor's collector.

  • ANTI-MATTER (RIGHT): This control sets the bias for the emitter of the third transistor. This control can cause NO SOUND to come out of the pedal when engaged, this is normal. This control functions only minimally without the Q-Link engaged. With the Q-Link switch in the up position, the control mostly functions like a gate, turning down the level when the input signal falls below the threshold you've set with this control.

  • TONE: This is a passive low-pass filter that attenuates the higher frequencies only. Most of the time you will leave it in full clockwise position. Use this to darken the tone when desired.

  • LEVEL: This controls the overall output volume of your Cosmic Ray. Be aware, this device is capable of a very large volume boost to your signal. Make sure not to overload other effects or your amplifier!

  • LOW CUT: Flip the switch up to attenuate the lowest frequencies for more clarity.

  • Q-LINK: Flip the switch up to increase gain and add functionality to the right Anti-Matter control.

  • 9V: Your Cosmic Ray uses a standard 9V battery. Unplug your cable from the input jack when not in use to maximize battery life

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