Flash Fuzz


Flash Fuzz

After a year of studying and tweaking the Big Muff circuit, I have created what I think is the best Big Muff-style fuzz pedal on the market. Each part and value has been carefully selected to ensure that the fuzz maintains its original magic while correcting the ongoing issues I have always found with this style of pedal.


I always wanted to get tons of head room out of the Muff, so I discovered a way to bring out a huge amount of volume. As a result, the pedal became far more versatile and useable in a live setting, and it encouraged even more character out of the fuzz.


I tried many versions of the tone stack. Once its original circuit is altered, it starts to lose that magical mid-scooped thick bass quality. The secret is in the mids and low mids, so I carefully designed the tone stack to be able to roll the bass on or off, or add bass tone control. The high end is still smooth and has the perfect amount of bite to cut through the fuzz.


After looking at the Muff fuzzes and boutique clones on the market, I was able to pinpoint what I loved about certain models and set out to make the best fuzz. Think Ram and Version 3 mixed together. Or Jack White in a box.

The Pedal

Each pedal is handmade and hand-painted. Every component is carefully selected to make this pedal do what it does. They are built in a small box with true bypass switching and a 9-volt adapter plug, so they will fit on any pedal board. I truly believe you will love this pedal as much as I do. I use it for live and studio, and every time I click it on I can’t believe I made it!

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