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If any of you have had the good fortune to play through a vintage Ram's Head Big Muff Pi then this description will probably be redundant; you know what this beast can do! If, on the other hand, you haven't had that lucky chance, you OWE it to yourself to buy this classic stompbox. Made with NOS 2N5133 transistors this pedal has plenty of vintage authenticity but with modern conveniences, like true bypass switching and a 9v power jack, using it on your pedalboard is a lot easier. So now you're asking, how does it sound? It's hard to say, really, simply because whenever I kick it on I seem to go into some sort of blissful trance and have trouble focusing on analyzing the sound. This is the kind of pedal that makes you want to windmill and jump around like a maniac. The tone knob can take the fuzz from scorching treble to smooth bass roar. Back the sustain knob off a little and crunchy rhythm tones are waiting. All and all, a great recreation of a rare NPN Big Muff!

The Ramshead Distortion pedal is hand built and wired for true bypass. It can be run from a 9v battery (included) or a standard power supply.

Features include:

  • True bypass switching
  • Completely hand wired
  • 1% metal film resistors for lower noise
  • High quality panasonic capacitors
  • Hand selected NOS 2N5133 transistors (thought by many to be the infamous and mysterious FS36999 found in many originals)


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