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There's a monster hiding under your bed… and he's wearing plaid!

This classic germanium stomp-box is based on the extremely rare 3-knob Tonebender originally made by Sola Sound and delivers nothing but pure, raw fuzz! Hand selected NOS germanium transistors provide just the right amount of vintage mojo while the "third knob" (aka tone) adds versatility to the standard 2-knob set-up. This pedal is capable of everything from think woolly fuzz to a ripping torn out treble blast, always with that classic Tonebender sound!

The Plaid Monster Fuzz pedal is hand built and wired for true bypass. It can be run from a 9v battery (included) or a standard power supply. However, because it uses PNP germanium transistors and a positive ground system it requires an isolated power supply and CANNOT be used with daisy-chain power such as the 1-Spot.

Features include:

  • True bypass switching
  • Completely hand wired
  • 1% metal film resistors for lower noise
  • High quality panasonic capacitors
  • Hand selected NOS germanium transistors

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