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Black Box Distortion of Fingers Custom Shop – is hand-made pedal, based on a classical Distortion pedal ProCo Rat. Made in 80s’. 

Pedals body made of shielded cast aluminium, painted with matt. Under the 3 control knobs (gain, tone, volume) is situated white backlight. Powers with 9V or battery. 

Although that it is a guitar effect, scheme of pedal was realized so, that the range of applications is bordered only with your fantasy. For example you can get an interesting result using it and with bass-guitar, and with synth. 

Universality and usability of Black Box let you make it the main distortion-effect of yours pedal-board. This pedal can find its place in every music genre, and its low weight and size with catchy design make it comfortable in using. 

  • Production: Belarus
  • nominal input level 100 mV
  • the input impedance of 1-IOM
  • Nominal output level 100 mV.
  • output impedance 100 com
  • voltage-9c. (continued)
  • current consumption of 35 mA.

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