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I designed this pedal myself. I was looking for the 1960's "Fillmore Sound" in a box and this meets the challenge. It is the overdriven tube amp sound at normal listening volume. This One knob wonder both boosts your signal and adds a very pleasing distortion. The Fillmore is not a fuzz box nor is it a distortion pedal. It has one control knob Hair which as you turn it up both increases the intensity of the sound, adds more drive and bite to the sound, and drives your amplifier harder.

You can think of the Hair control as the master volume control on a huge amplifier stack. It has been described by owners as It sounds more like a cranked 100 watt British stack than an effects pedal. That is because it is interacting with your amplifier. It improves the sound of your equipment. I searched for years to get this sound, built literally dozens of different types of effects pedals myself from schematics, and still could not get quite the sound I was looking for. There were beautiful sounding fuzz boxes, overdrives, distortion pedals, boosters, you name it., but not "quite" what I was after. I had to design it myself using my knowledge of electronics and having played the guitar and bass for more than 35 years.


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