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The all new Clarity Preamp is a natural sound preamplifier designed for acoustic, acoustic-electric, and electric guitars. The Clarity increases the clarity of your tone in two ways:

  1. An active buffer expands the natural tone of your guitar without coloration
  2. A preamplifier using Active Filter tone controls lets you increase of decrease the Presence and Contour of your guitar's tone.

The Clarity has a footswitch wired for true bypass operation. When the footswitch is in the on position the user can switch between Active Buffer or Clarity Preamp settings.

The Preamps setting offers a Contour control and a Presence control.

The Clarity preamp consumes about 4 milliamps of current so a fresh 9 volt battery will last 100 hours or more. The Clarity also has a 9 volt jack that supports popular "Boss Style" AC adapters having a "2.1 mm negative tip" plug. I recommend a high quality adapter.

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