Fender Sub-Lime Bass Fuzz



It's big, green and ferocious. Frankenstein's monster? Good guess, but no. Introducing the Fender® Sub-Lime™ bass fuzz pedal.

Set it at your feet between you and your speakers, and transform the sound of your bass with classic Fender fuzz ranging from the barest touch of evil to an utterly seismic roar. Best of all, tailor your tone by setting the crossover frequency wherever you want the fuzz to happen--low-frequency fuzz, high-frequency fuzz and anything in between--all without sacrificing all-important low-end muscle and fundamental bass tone.

Dressed in sublime lime green, the big, heavy-duty cast design evokes Fender's great old pedals of the '70s and boasts an enormous control dial that fluoresces entrancingly from green to red as you.

Simple volume and drive controls let you easily dial in the loudness and range of fuzz tones. Runs on 9-volt battery or DC power.

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