Fender Starcaster Chorus


Fender Starcaster series

Starcaster FX pedals offer unparalled sound and quality for the price! With an all analog design, rugged metal enclosure, easy battery access, heavy-duty metal switches and potentiometers, a 9-volt adapter jack and a status light, you get pro-quality sound and performance at an entry-level price!

  • "Level" control to dial in the perfect amount of volume boost when the pedal is activated.
  • "Rate" control to adjust the chorus speed and swirl.
  • "Depth" control to effect the intensity of the effect on your overall sound.
  • "high filter" and "low filter" controls to dial in just the right amount of shimmer and syrupy goodness.
  • Swirley... Shimmery... chimey 3-dimensional guitar tone!


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2014-09-035/10  Solid, metal construction...

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