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Feisty Little One

The Salacious Fuzz is a nice little distortion pedal. It’s got your basic three controls: Gain (right knob), Tone (middle knob), and Volume (left knob). The circuit has a maximum gain of 200, so you can get some nice square waves. And it cleans up pretty well when you roll back your guitar volume.

The footswitch is true-bypass, so no original tone is lost when the pedal is not engaged. And it has a bright yellowish-greenish LED indicator.

Another feature of the Salacious Fuzz is that it is capable of driving an 8 ohm speaker (cab) without the use of an amplifier when the Volume and Tone knobs are both turned all the way up. It won’t be very loud, but provides a decent practice-by-yourself volume. Or you could plug some headphones into the output if you want to use distortion when your roommates are all sleeping.

Like all of our products, this distortion pedal is 100% handmade. It is not circuit bent.

This pedal can be powered only by a 9v DC, center-negative (boss style) wall adapter. This is not included. And there is no battery option. Sorry.

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