Feisty Little One


    Feisty Little One is run by two Star Wars nerds: Toni B and Ross Johnston and is located in a spare room in a house in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

    Timeline (by Ross Johnston)

    • Early 1980s: first exposures to Star Wars and Lord Of The Rings predispose young Ross to become a nerd
    • 1990s: independent music and drugs
    • 2000s: more music and drugs
    • 2005: start circuit bending
    • 2006: start making contact mics
    • 2006/7: discover numerous effects DIY websites. order pcb's from General Guitar Gadgets
    • 2007: learn a little bit about electronics and build circuits from scratch
    • 2008: Feisty Little One is born
    • 2008-present: just plugging away at building and selling more. It's been a slow process. Strikes and gutters, ups and downs.

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